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Simple as ABG

Finally, a simple understanding of Arterial Blood Gases

What's "ABG" stand for?

Arterial Blood Gases.

What's the best test for any critically ill or injured patient ?

Arterial Blood Gases.

What's tough for the tech, painful for the patient, and costs way too much ?

Arterial Blood Gases.

What's the hardest test for nurses/docs/techs to interpret-until now?

Arterial Blood Gases.

Well, Ted & Larry can't change the pain or the price of ABG's. But, they make UNDERSTANDING the test easy - for the first time. In fact, a group of students just like you improved their ABG knowledge from 55% to over 93% just by reading its hundred pages.

The drawings are simple. The pictures are child-like. Overall, the readability level is about 9th grade. That's why you'll agree, Arterial Blood Gases can be simple -

Simple as ABG!



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