ABG stands for Arterial Blood Gases. It is probably the single most important test for any critically ill or injured patient. It’s painful. It’s difficult. And, it’s expensive. Yet, even a small community hospital will do a couple thousand every year.

Why? Because no other single test gives as much information about a patient’s immediate respiratory and metabolic condition. It’s that simple!

Yet, understanding ABG’s is anything but simple. Traditional textbooks haven’t worked because it’s like learning to ice skate. If you don’t get the first step right, you’ll simply fall down on the next one.

Simple as ABG is different! In fact, a field test of students just like you improved their ABG understanding from 55% to over 93% just by reading it! Concepts are simplified and graphs are abridged. Equations may not be balanced and exceptions often aren’t even mentioned.

If that much simplification bothers you, your ABG knowledge probably exceeds the scope of this book. But, if ABG’s always seemed like a maze of complex formulas, unreadable graphs, and conflicting results, then welcome to Ted & Larry's Simple as ABG

About the Editor:

Ted is Ted Heyman a Florida computer guy. His software helped make ATM's possible for small banks. Now, he's brought Simple as ABG to both an e-book format and a print version. He's known Larry since High School.

About the Author:

Larry is Larry Romane, a 4 times board certified, career ER doc from Maryland. He’s taught nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and medical students. ABG’s were always a struggle to teach. Now, step by step, he’s made this complex test truly simple to understand.